Little Gems

Mother’s Day Preparations begin at Little Gems


We’ve been on a mission in Pre-school at Little Gems.  We’ve created some special invitations, and we’re sending them special delivery to our Mums!  We’ve had several walking trips to the post office to post our invitations to our Mother’s Day Brunch at the end of March!  We’ve learned so much during our adventures!

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All of our children at Little Gems look forward to having a Mother’s Day Brunch each year.  The children make invitations in pre-school and we take them in small groups on a walk to the post office to buy a stamp and post their invitation in the post box. 

The children love the experience and we practice road safety using the pedestrian crossing and make sure we stop, look and listen for cars. We learn about money when we pay for our stamp with a pound coin and get change back and practice good manners when we do our transaction with the postal clerk. The postal clerk even told us about her job in our community!

We are all very excited for our brunch with our special guests! Stay tuned for more photos of the event!!