Little Gems

Mini Beasts at Little Gems


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Mini Beasts at Little Gems

A lot is happening at Little Gems this Spring time! All this week, the children have been making new friends with their mini beasts! The pre-schoolers have been learning all about creating habitats for live crickets, grasshoppers, and cockroaches. From creating miniature homes and comfy tubs for the creatures, the kids have also been providing them with food and warmth! It has been a brilliant ecological learning curve!

Happy Caterpillars

Beyond these mini beasts, the pre-schoolers have also been looking after their new caterpillar projects! The kids have been observing the growth of our caterpillars.  At Little Gems, we are learning about life cycles and we are rearing caterpillars and watching their metamorphosis into butterflies in a few weeks! So much to look forward to!