Trip to the Zoo Part Two


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Kids@BT9 Trip To The Zoo

What’s better than one trip to the zoo? Why two trips of course!
Last month, it was the turn of the Pre-School room to embark on a wonderful journey to the zoo! We trekked from the gift shop all the way to the penguins, gorillas and beyond, seeing everybody relaxing in their enclosures. The giraffes were particularly good fun, along with the elephants and chimpanzees!It was so warm and sunny, it really felt like we were travelling in Africa! The zoo looked beautiful and we all had so much fun! It was great to meet all the animals, even if they were a little shy, though we certainly made enough noise for everyone! Many layers of suncream and countless bottles of water later, we arrived back to base camp. We enjoyed a glorious picnic outside in the sun. We all made some new friends and played in the grass as the day came to an end at round 1pm! Sure what better way is their to kick off summer?