Sunny Bear is on the road again!


On Friday 7th September Sunny set off on his very first visit of the new pre-school year, with a very excited boy- Patrick Magee. On arrival, Sunny was greeted with Patrick’s little brother who was full of energy and couldn’t wait to play with Patrick and Sunny. The fun began on Friday evening with ‘hide Sunny in the dishwasher’ followed by a favourite snack of Patrick’s- beans on toast. After that it was bed early as Patrick and Sunny had a busy day ahead of them.

On Saturday Patrick and Sunny helped Patrick’s Mummy to get busy in the garage to clear out all of Daddy’s tools and sports equipment that he never actually used. Sunny and Patrick reminded Mummy of the ‘clean up song’ as they went along. It was hungry work and was time for more of Patrick’s favourite snack- beans!

Sunday was Sunny’s favourite day of all with the Magee family as they headed off to the swimming pool. Sunny had lots of fun watching Thomas and Patrick splash around in the pool, unfortunately Sunny forgot to pack his armbands. After all the excitement, it was time for a quiet afternoon and an early bath. It was off to bed for Sunny and Patrick before another busy day at Pre-school.