September at Kids@BT9 | Belfast


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September at Kids@BT9

Today in our JPS room, the Kids@BT9 were embracing our September theme of ‘All About Me’ through the children’s fine and gross motor skills. The junior pre-schoolers used play-dough to create and identify limbs and their body parts. Communication and language was fantastic throughout the activity and many laughs were shared! The children could recognise their hair and eye colour, ears, nose and mouth. They used the play-dough to create some fun facial expressions on the play-dough mats and they enjoyed finding each piece correctly.

To develop the children’s gross motor skills, we also introduced a new footprint activity. This allowed the children to use their physical development. It involved the children jumping and turning to place their feet on the footprints. The children thoroughly enjoyed this game and were using counting skills, turn-taking as well as colour recognition throughout the activity.

Kids@BT9, Belfast