Katie’s Wedding !


April was a very special month in Kids@BT9 as one of our long-serving preschool staff, Katie tied the knot! Though not before we gave her the proper send off!

Just after snack time on Friday 15th, Katie was mysteriously called to the office where Jill guided her to the front garden. The staff and preschool children were ready with their flour, eggs, custard and baked beans! The photos tell the rest of the story!

Afterwards, one of our preschool children, Sarah asked when the next teacher would be getting married so they could do it again!

On Thursday 21st April, the sun was shining as Katie walked down the aisle. Marie-Anne and Harry Irvine came to see Katie in her beautiful dress and made sure to take plenty of photos for all the preschool children. Katie had a wonderful day in Belfast Castle with all of her family and friends before jetting off to Paris.