Harvest & Halloween Celebrations


Kids@BT9 and Little Gems Celebrate the Halloween Season in Style!

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Little Gems

This Halloween season, Pre-school got to decorate the harvest box and the children brought in different types of food to put in it. At circle time, the pre-school staff explained to the children where the harvest food was going to. They also watched a video about harvest time on a farm. The children got to hammer golf tees into the pumpkin and connect with rubber bands this developed various skills such as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also furthered their knowledge in design and pattern and was sure to be a Harvest treat! As well as fancy dress we had plenty of fun activities throughout the day such as pass the parcel, dancing,  ducking for apples, dipping apples in chocolate and then covering them with lots of sprinkles, making a special witches brew (secret recipe) and playing with the gooey insides of a pumpkin. All in all, it was a great way to celebrate this time of year. With the days getting cooler, it is always a joy to stay in and get cosy at harvest.


What a spooktacular Halloween we have had at Clearday Nurseries.  Fancy dress was very popular with both the children and the staff – lots of witches and scary monsters and that was just the children! We had our annual pumpkin challenge with the Pre-school room the winners with their amazing Spongebobkin!  It’s been a busy week with colouring and sticking, making chocolate apples and ‘sensory’ play with the pumkins – pumpkin soup….yummy. It has been the perfect week of fun and celebration for the children and the staff too!