Jungle Fun at BT9


Looking back on the month gone by the preschool children at Kids@BT9 have been very busy “down in the jungle where nobody goes” creating their very own jungle run!!

The children began by making use of their fine and gross motor skills to put on the all in one suits before getting messy!!

The jungle run provided the children with the opportunity to explore an array of different types of sensory balls to enable them to make their print, providing them with that sensory experience.

The fun didn’t stop there as some of the children began to display those fundamental movements of rolling the ‘spikey’ balls into the paint while others preferred to bounce the ‘bouncy’ balls into the paint- promoting all areas of their physical development. They even had the chance to make their mark barefoot giving the opportunity to aid cognitive development.

After working as a team to create an amazing masterpiece it was time for “clean up” we even had to take turns to wash our own feet.

A great day was had by all!