Holly House

When Zoolabs came to Dollings-town


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Holly House Nursery had a super duper morning last week with Sarah and all the Minibeasts and Animals from Zoolabs! The children from Toddlers and Pre-school all got their detective faces on and discussed the difference between Humans and Minibeasts, Minibeasts and Mammals, Mammals and reptiles and so on. It was so much fun and they even got to pet and hold some of the animals.

We had Suzy the snail, George the cockroach, Millie the millipede, Rose the spider, Ziggy the snake and Oscar the Rat, the children all enjoyed learning what type of animal each of these were, what they ate and where they came from.

Did you know:- The two differences between a Human and a Minibeast are:-

  1. Humans have a spine and Minibeasts don’t
  2. Mini-beasts are teeny tiny and Humans are Largeeeee!

We kiddies love to learn!