Holly House

Sunny Bear’s visit from the Nurse


Last week Holly House Nursery had a visit from the nurse to learn all about caring for each other and how doctors and nurses help us.

The nurse explained all the roles in a hospital and as she talked about the roles the children were able to dress up in the outfits belonging to that role. We had a doctor, a nurse, a care assistant and a play therapist.

We all enjoyed dressing up in the different uniforms and getting to test out the equipment

The nurse asked all the children to bring their own teddy up to the front and tell her what was wrong with them that day and she was able to treat them as her patient and give them medicine if needed or wrap them in a bandage.

Sunny Bear even got in on all the action…. Sunny hurt his foot and leg while out doing our bear hunt in the garden that day so he needed a bandage on to make him all better.

The nurse also explained what all the equipment she had with her was and what each piece of equipment is used for. She even let the children have a listen to their heartbeat and showed them some photographs of the children’s ward in the hospital. She explained how the children should not be afraid of the doctors or nurses as they are here to help care for them and to say hello if they ever meet them.

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Pre-school then had a warm ‘hot’ chocolate with marshmallows and a picnic inside along with their teddy bears. It was far too wet to go outside so we brought our lovely picnic treat inside instead. We even shared our hot chocolate with Sunny and he really loved it!

Sunny Bear enjoyed his tasty hot chocolate

                It was a super fun day at Holly House Nursery!!