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Holly House Space Race


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Holly House Space Race

FIVE….FOUR….THREE…..TWO…..ONE…….BLAST OFFFFFFFFFF!! The Holly House Space Race was on!

And what a BLAST the Holly House Pre-school Children had at the Armagh Planetarium! This was where we all learned about the solar system.

Firstly they were given a theatre introduction to the Planets around us, learning about the smallest planet and the largest planet, the hottest planet and the coldest plant, we learned all about the Sun – how it is a star and the moon – how it takes 27 days to travel the whole way around Earth. They discussed how our planet is the only planet you can live on as it has Oxygen, fresh water and heaps of friends.

Next each of our little kiddies made their very own Rockets, we went out to the Space hill at the planetarium and launched them, then we explored about on space hill to see if we could find them again. Even Sunny made an appearance at the Planetarium and built a personal rocket! Sunny wanted to launch it but the bear has decided to keep it for the memory box, a memory that will surely be cherished! 

Everyone had a fantastic day exploring….. I think we may have our very own scientists in the making…..Watch this ‘Space’!!