Holly House

Holly House at the Green Grocer’s


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Holly House Green Grocer Visit

Our visit to the Harvest Fruit and Vegetable shop

The Pre-school boys and girls at Holly House went on an exciting trip to our local fruit and vegetable shop. We explored each item carefully. We looked at the texture and discussed together the tastes these may be, would they be sweet, sour, juicy etc. The children even got to pick a fruit or vegetable of their choice and brought it back to the nursery for tasting.

Tasting and exploring the fruit and vegetables

We looked at all the fruit and vegetables on our return to the nursery, we discussed their names, colour, texture, smell and size. Later on in the day we cut up the fruit and vegetables and had a great time tasting and smelling them and discussing their flavours, our likes and dislikes. This was a great activity enjoyed by everyone in Pre-school!