Holly House

Holly House Autumn Adventures and Happy Harvesters

November 13, 2019

It’s been a busy few weeks at Holly House Nursery where we have been exploring and learning all about Autumn and Harvest time.

We went on a nature walk to Moira park where we got to feel the crisp air on our cheeks, we crunched the crispy leaves as we walked over them and talked about the changes in the trees and leaves, when we returned we explored all the items we collected on our nature walk relating to our theme Autumn.  We even used these items for some mark marking.

We then decided to add a Fruit and Vegetable shop to our home corner area, this is where we used real fruit and vegetables to sell to each other and develop our language skills. We also cut up the vegetables ourselves….. as we went along we could smell all the different smells and feel the strange but exciting textures. We plan to use our fruit to do some food tasting and pick out fruits we like and dislike further on in the week.

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