Holly House

Fire Service Visit Holly House!

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Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service came for a visit today to Holly House Nursery. The boys and girls are learning all about people who help us and we’re all extremely excited to see the team! We talked about fire safety and what the fire fighters do to keep us safe.

We got to launch the firehose, see lots of fire fighting equipment and even help hold the big clippers! My gosh they were soo heavy…..the crew were so nice and friendly, they are always here to help and in an emergency we must remember to dial 999.

Check out the cool poem we learned too:

I’m a little firefighter on the go.

Here is my helmet,

Here is my hose.

When I see a fire,

Hear me shout:

“Turn on the water and put the fire out!”

What a great day it was indeed here at Holly House!