First Steps

Zoo Labs visit to First Steps


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Last week ‘Zoo Lab’ came to visit the kids at First Steps Nursery. The children got to touch and hold some of the animals while Zoo Lab told them lots of interesting facts about the animals and creatures that they brought.

Zoo Lab told us that Barry, Bob, Betty and Bill are Cockroaches, they have six legs, two feelers and that they cannot see. They also love to eat pizza, paper, soap and chocolate… in fact they love to eat everything even smelly socks, Poo! The children got to hold Jock the snail and Sophia said ‘It’s just like a shiny!’ Bert and Ernie were Millipedes, they were a great hit with the children, and everyone tried to imagine what it would be like to have 240 legs just like Bert and Ernie, WEIRD!!

Zoo Lab also brought Iggy the Snake, a Scorpion, a Tarantula and lots more.

Everyone loved our Zoo Lab visit.