First Steps

Santa Trip 2017


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Trip to See Santa

It’s that time of year when boys and girls look forward to seeing a certain man in red. So we at First Steps went to Navan Fort in Armagh on 5th December 2017. It was one of our best trips. We were welcomed by Santa’s helper-Mr Elf with his ‘Christmas carols sing along’. Refreshments were served and the children enjoyed a bun and a drink while listening to the Christmas songs. As soon as everyone was settled we went to watch the pantomime. Sophia Akil was really good in helping Santa out of the chimney by pulling the rope hard together with other boys and girls.

Our next stop was Santa’s grotto. We had to be very quiet because Santa was asleep on his chair, when he wakened he said ‘Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas’ and he even had a present for everyone. Oh how I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

First Steps