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With September at an end, First Steps Junior Academy have put together the Back to School poem below.


Back to School at First Steps

Twas the night before school started

When all through the town

The parents were cheering

It was a riotous sound

By eight the kids were washed

And Tucked in to bed

When memories of home work

Filled them with dread

New pencils, new folders, new note books too

New teachers, new friends-Oh what can we do?

Soon their dread turned to joy

And their joy grew and grew

We get to go to After Schools

They were no longer blue.

-First Steps, Portadown


It has been a long month and the days are getting shorter, but for the children at First Steps October is the start of a new adventure. September may be over, but with Halloween just around the corner there is plenty to look forward to this new month.