First Steps

Amazon Jungle at First Steps


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The Amazon Jungle Comes to First Steps!

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, Catherine Bennette came to visit the children in Senior Academy. Catharine helped us to bring the Amazon Jungle into our Pre School Room. We met Timothy the Tortice, he feels lie a rock, Wilbur the Lizard. Jelly Bean the Geco, he feels like a jell, Rio the snake, Hector the Frog and we will never ever forget Isha the spider with her long furry legs. We also got the meet Hunga Loo Loo the millipede. Catherine told us that Hunga Loo Loo was from Africa and has 340 legs as a baby and 900 legs when he is an adult. Imagine that 900 legs!!! Amazing.

We had a great Afternoon when the Amazon Jungle came to our Nursery.