Clearly Kids

Clearly Kids Summer Party!


Clearly Kids held a family fun day for the families and children to enjoy. This year’s theme was all about celebrating cultures from all over the globe.

Each room showcased a child friendly version of the continents – baby room was Australia, wobbler room was Antarctica, toddler room displayed Europe, junior pre-school was transformed in to Asia, Pre-school became an African jungle and last by no means least After-school became an American delight.

Families could enjoy themed art in each room, have ice cream among penguins, experience 4 countries within Europe and even Elvis made an appearance and married Bety Boop with Buffulo Bill! A limousine was arranged to transport children and parents to our wedding followed by Mr Hullabaloo interactive Around the World Show.

We had football skills to celebrate the World Cup followed by some African drums to complete the morning. Not only this we also had the chance to experience some cultural food delivered by Jo herself!

Massive thank you for all the staff who helped to make this day possible and for all of our parents and children who came to enjoy!