Clearly Kids

Summer Scheme at Clearly Kids

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Summer feels like a distant memory, especially with the nights getting longer and the weather getting cooler! It’s safe to say we’re feeling pretty nostalgic for summer. That is why, in this week’s blog we are taking a look back at all of the fun and excitement of our summer scheme! 

We went on all sorts of summertime adventures and explored far and wide beyond Clearly Kids! With trips to the beach, the park and the forest, it really was a brilliant time! 

But that’s not all – the rainforest came to Clearly Kids, and it was a hoot. We had snakes, tortoise and all sorts to see and hold. It was unforgettable! The pictures speak for themselves!

Now we must return to reality, and back to autumn. At least we will be able to put on our cosy coats and head out on all sorts of new adventures!