Welcome to Clear Day Nurseries

Clear Day Nurseries are some of the friendliest nurseries in Northern Ireland, providing children with a warm, loving environment to learn and play. We welcome children from all sections of the community, offer full time or part time childcare, and accept childcare vouchers. Working in partnership with parents means that we are flexible to the individual needs of parents and children.

Our 2023 Awards

Clear Day Nurseries is proud to accept daynurseries.co.uk‘s Top 20 Nurseries awards for all of our nurseries and their Top 20 Nursery Groups for Northern Ireland award for the 6th year running!

Our Previous Years Awards

Why choose us

Satisfied Parents

Parents are more than satisfied with our service, staff and facilities when they choose our nurseries.

Great Staff

Expert care by fully trained staff, who are patient and understanding.

Delicious Food

The quality of our food and snacks are of a very high nutritional standard, prepared by our qualified cooks.

Flexible Attendance

Working in partnership with parents mean that we are flexible to the needs of parents and children, so we offer full-time & part-time care.

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