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First Aid

First Aid Evening with KidsAtBT9

First Aid Evening Kids@BT9 hosted an extra special First Aid evening for our parents at the beginning of June! We had a great and informative evening training our parents in first response medical aid! This is so they can hopefully be our first line of response in the event of any medical emergencies. (Though we […]

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Amazon Jungle at First Steps

The Amazon Jungle Comes to First Steps! On Wednesday 30th May 2018, Catherine Bennette came to visit the children in Senior Academy. Catharine helped us to bring the Amazon Jungle into our Pre School Room. We met Timothy the Tortice, he feels lie a rock, Wilbur the Lizard. Jelly Bean the Geco, he feels like […]

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People Who Help Us

‘People Who Help Us’ Month

First Steps | People Who Help Us Month People Who Help Us is one of our favourite themes on the Pre School Calendar! This topic is jam packed with new experiences and exciting things to discuss! Our first visitors of the month were the Police, a big hit with everyone children and staff. On Wednesday […]

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Little Gems Graduation 2018

Little Gems Graduation Day 2018 It has been an emotional couple of weeks here at Little Gems! We can’t believe it is Graduation Season again already, it is amazing how quickly time flies! It is safe to say this year was extra special as the sun was shining bright at Little Gems! It was a […]

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Clearly Kids Charity Brunch

Clearly Kids Q-Radiothon Brunch On Saturday 26th May 2018, many of the parents and the team at Clearly Kids held a big brunch with Q Radiothon! It is an event we have wanted to support for a very long time, and this year it would be especially important. This would be a special charity to drive to raise money […]

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Kids@BT9 Visits The Zoo

Kids@BT9 Visits The Zoo! What a great day we had at the Zoo! On Tuesday, the Junior Pre-School room embarked on a wonderful journey to the zoo! The day kicked off with a warm welcome from Brian the Lion who posed and took some photos with us all. Then, the walk began! We trekked from […]

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Meghan & Harry Royal Wedding Celebrations

Little Gems Royal Party Last Friday, the Little Gems Junior Pre-school room hosted a Royal Tea Party to celebrate Harry and Megan’s big wedding . It was an absolute joy as we all had lovely treats and sweets as well some tea! We also made our own crowns to wear and we put on our best party […]

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Kids@BT9 Defibrillator Fundraiser

  Kids@BT9 Defibrillator Success – Thank you! February was a busy month for Kids@BT9! We spent the whole month doing all sorts of fundraising! This included; A ‘Red Day’, 100 square raffle and we even opened on a Saturday for a fun-day! (Our personal favourite) Our staff, parents and children all joined us for a big fundraising […]

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A Quality Time for First Steps

A Quality Time for First Steps What a great morning we had at the Educational Indoor play area, Quality Time, in Banbridge. There were so many exciting things to do, we did not know what to play with first! There were colour bowls, insect colour sorting, a story telling area, a construction area, a dress […]

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Little Gems Botanic Adventure

Little Gems Botanic Adventure With the sun finally shining, it’s time to get out and about! Last Thursday, the excitement was building as we took a bus to Botanic Garden for a great day of exploring and observing all the signs of spring.  We saw lots of things in the natural world coming to life […]

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