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🐒🐯 Jungle Fun at BT9🦁🐨

Looking back on the month gone by the preschool children at Kids@BT9 have been very busy “down in the jungle where nobody goes” creating their very own jungle run!! The children began by making use of their fine and gross motor skills to put on the all in one suits before getting messy!! The jungle […]

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Christmas 2018

It’s Christmas time again! It is that magical time of year, and the children have been busy singing and dancing their hearts out! The nativities and parties have been an absolute joy! The staff at Holly House, Kids@BT9, Little Gems, First Steps, Greendale and Clearly Kids have all been making the most of the festive feeling. […]

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Summer Scheme at Clearly Kids

Summer feels like a distant memory, especially with the nights getting longer and the weather getting cooler! It’s safe to say we’re feeling pretty nostalgic for summer. That is why, in this week’s blog we are taking a look back at all of the fun and excitement of our summer scheme!  We went on all […]

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Greendale Class of 2018

Greendale Class of 2018 Is it that time of year again already? We can’t believe we are saying farewell to our Pre-School Class once again. But it wasn’t a day to be teary eyed! Instead, it was a day for celebrating and partying…and what a day it was! The sun was shining bright and therefore […]

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A Quality Time for First Steps

A Quality Time for First Steps What a great morning we had at the Educational Indoor play area, Quality Time, in Banbridge. There were so many exciting things to do, we did not know what to play with first! There were colour bowls, insect colour sorting, a story telling area, a construction area, a dress […]

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Butterflies at BT9

  Kids@BT9 Butterflies The children in the Junior Pre-school Room at Kids@BT9 have really embraced the Spring theme this year! Each of our rooms had their very own butterfly garden! The children watched closely as they started off as caterpillars. They then formed their cocoons and transformed into beautiful butterflies, all whilst being cared for brilliantly […]

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Greendale Summer Fun 2017

Summer time is over at Greendale and therefore it is back to school time for the children! The children in our after-school room had so much fun throughout the summer and took part in many activities as part of our summer scheme. They enjoyed all of the activities each day and got to go to […]

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August Fun at First Steps

August 2017 in First Steps Junior Academy August began with a shopping week at First Steps Junior Academy. The children looked at old coins, talked about the price of various items and took a trip to ‘Shop For You’ to see what they could buy for £1. During their sea side week they took a […]

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Holly House Summer Pool Party

Did someone say Pool Party?! Splashing about in the Summer Sun, our kiddies enjoying Pool Party fun at Holly House, Lurgan While mums and dads are away…here’s what we get up to each day!! Our BIG kids couldn’t get to the pool today, so we decided to bring the pool to them! They had lots […]

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