A Big Welcome To Greendale

A big welcome to our new pre-school children. We have had lots of fun settling into our new room- painting, playing with the sand, water and dough. Learning new songs and stories, meeting Tommy the Puppet and Sunny the Bear. We are having such a lovely time and look forward to a great nursery school […]

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The Amazon Jungle Show!

Junior Pre-School at Kids@BT9 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Catherine from the Amazon Jungle Show! The children and staff had the opportunity to feel and hold all the animals which included a slippery snake, a great gecko, a bristly bearded dragon, a terrifying tarantula, a terrific tortoise, a freaky frog and a magnificent millipede! This […]

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Sunny Bear is on the road again!

On Friday 7th September Sunny set off on his very first visit of the new pre-school year, with a very excited boy- Patrick Magee. On arrival, Sunny was greeted with Patrick’s little brother who was full of energy and couldn’t wait to play with Patrick and Sunny. The fun began on Friday evening with ‘hide […]

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Clearly Kids Summer Party!

Clearly Kids held a family fun day for the families and children to enjoy. This year’s theme was all about celebrating cultures from all over the globe. Each room showcased a child friendly version of the continents – baby room was Australia, wobbler room was Antarctica, toddler room displayed Europe, junior pre-school was transformed in […]

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Pirate Invasion at Little Gems!!

First things first, if you want to be a pirate, you have to dress like a pirate. YAAARRR! No pirate costume would be complete without a sword which the children made and of course face painting.  They played various pirate games such as scrub the deck and walk the plank. They made their own pirate […]

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Summer at Greendale

All of the children are  enjoying the lovely weather in the paddling pools and in the front garden. We were exploring our senses and painting with chocolate, as you can imagine the children loved this as they were able to have a little taste during the activity.

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Kids@BT9 Sensory Play

Sensory Play Day At Kids@BT9, we hosted an extra special play day at last month! The babies @BT9 do like to be beside the seaside and enjoy some sensory play! This activity was great fun for everyone! We all got to make use of our senses & therefore explore a variety of different textures. We […]

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KidsAtBT9 Graduation Celebration

Kids@BT9 Graduation Is it that time of year again already? It’s Graduation Season once again! At the end of June, we waved a fond and teary eyed farewell to our Pre-School room. It was a day for celebrating and partying as the children leave to start a new adventure at primary school! We had everything […]

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Greendale Class of 2018

Greendale Class of 2018 Is it that time of year again already? We can’t believe we are saying farewell to our Pre-School Class once again. But it wasn’t a day to be teary eyed! Instead, it was a day for celebrating and partying…and what a day it was! The sun was shining bright and therefore […]

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