Mark Making Fun!! | Holly House

Mark Making Fun… Pre-School Style!! The pre-school boys and girls here at Holly House had a fantastic time outside doing some mark making! They used the paint and mark making rollers to create a large picture of their own for display. The children loved this free play activity as they experienced: colour mixing, textures and […]

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Pre-School’s First Week

Little Gems Pre-school week! It was back to pre-school week at Little Gems in Dundonald, and what a brilliant week it was! After a summer of fun and adventures, it’s time for the children to return! This year we welcomed back many familiar faces and some new arrivals and it was therefore an action packed […]

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Greendale Summer Fun 2017

Summer time is over at Greendale and therefore it is back to school time for the children! The children in our after-school room had so much fun throughout the summer and took part in many activities as part of our summer scheme. They enjoyed all of the activities each day and got to go to […]

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Pre-School Day at Kids@BT9

Pre-School Day of Fun at Kids@BT9 It is back to school week and we have been super busy at Kids@BT9! The pre-school children put on their new uniforms and had a day of fun filled activities they surely will remember! To kick the day off, the children got to play outside in the beautiful late […]

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August Fun at First Steps

August 2017 in First Steps Junior Academy August began with a shopping week at First Steps Junior Academy. The children looked at old coins, talked about the price of various items and took a trip to ‘Shop For You’ to see what they could buy for £1. During their sea side week they took a […]

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Sensory Walk Challenge

Clearly Kids Sensory Walk Tiles Clearly Kids staff were all tasked to complete tile each for the children’s own sensory walk. All staff had 5 weeks to complete a tile with whatever they wanted. The idea of a sensory walk is to allow our children of all ages to experience different textures and feeling on […]

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Clearly Kids 2017 Summer of Fun

Summer of Fun, 2017 Oh what fun Clearly Kids in Bangor had this summer with many exciting new adventures across the country! Our summer scheme was packed with trips, arts, baking and a few science experiments! Some of our children even tried out new musical instruments too! What a brilliant time it was, all the […]

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Holly House Summer Pool Party

Did someone say Pool Party?! Splashing about in the Summer Sun, our kiddies enjoying Pool Party fun at Holly House, Lurgan While mums and dads are away…here’s what we get up to each day!! Our BIG kids couldn’t get to the pool today, so we decided to bring the pool to them! They had lots […]

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After-school Club goes to Ulster Transport Museum

The Little Gems After-school club went to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum to see all the methods of transportation on display! The children got to see all things land, sea and sky and furthermore experience a taste of life in the past! This is part of our ongoing theme at Little Gems, exploring the past […]

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Textured Play for Babies

This month at Holly House in Lurgan, our baby room has been exploring textures, colours and shapes. It has been great fun for the babies, and the staff too! The babies have been splashing in water, feeling the soft but gritty sand, gliding their hands through coloured rice, feeling and tasting the raisins, carrots and […]

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