Childcare Vouchers Northern Ireland

Save money on Clear childcare in Northern Ireland by taking advantage of the government Childcare Voucher Scheme. The current scheme is due to be replaced around Autumn 2015.

How the Current Childcare Voucher Scheme Works

Childcare vouchers are only available through your employer. Check with them first to make sure they’ve in the scheme.

If you pay the basic rate of tax, and work more than 16 hours a week, your tax free entitlement is £243 per month (figures correct as of March 2014). This tax free amount is used to buy childcare vouchers, which can be used in Clear day Nurseries. People who pay higher tax will receive less benefit from the vouchers, and the maximum gain for a basic rate tax payer is £930 annually.

If both parents work, then both can claim vouchers.

How the new Childcare Voucher system will work

Instead of claiming vouchers through an employer, parents will be able to register for the scheme online and add money to an account. For every 80p that parents put in, the government will top it up by 20p, to a maximum annual cap of £6000 for each child under 5 years old. After a year, it’s intended that the scheme will be extended to children up to the age of 12.

Who can claim Childcare Vouchers on the new Scheme?

  • Both parents must be working at least 16 hours/week
  • Each parent can earn up to £15,000 each and still be eligible
  • Parents on maternity/paternity leave
  • Self employed people
  • Full time carers working 35 hours or more per week

Who can’t claim Childcare Vouchers on the new Scheme?

  • Low income homes receiving tax / universal credits
  • People who choose to stay at home and look after their children

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