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Fundraising Fun at Holly House

Holly House Nursery spent the whole week doing sporting activities to raise much needed funds for Tear Fund! We had the staff taking part in a cross-a-thon where they used the cross trainer all day and split the time between them. We had the babies popping bubbles and using the parachute to throw the balloons […]

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Sunny Bear’s visit from the Nurse

Last week Holly House Nursery had a visit from the nurse to learn all about caring for each other and how doctors and nurses help us. The nurse explained all the roles in a hospital and as she talked about the roles the children were able to dress up in the outfits belonging to that […]

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Fire Service Visit

Fire Service Visit Holly House!

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service came for a visit today to Holly House Nursery. The boys and girls are learning all about people who help us and we’re all extremely excited to see the team! We talked about fire safety and what the fire fighters do to keep us safe. We got to launch […]

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People Who Help Us Cover

Holly House – People who help us!

The Pre-school children at Holly House are certainly preparing for when the fire service, police and nurses visit the nursery in February. We have been performing a spot of roleplay to act as the People Who Help Us! To begin, we have been learning all about who the people who help us are. This includes […]

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Christmas 2018

It’s Christmas time again! It is that magical time of year, and the children have been busy singing and dancing their hearts out! The nativities and parties have been an absolute joy! The staff at Holly House, Kids@BT9, Little Gems, First Steps, Greendale and Clearly Kids have all been making the most of the festive feeling. […]

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W5 Visit

Holly House Goes to W5

From W5 to the Green Grocers – you wouldn’t know where we have been! Pre-school children have been super busy this last two weeks heading off on trips relating to their theme ‘Comparison and growing things’ and ‘Healthy Eating’ we decided to visit W5 in Belfast to learn all about how things work, grow, sizes, […]

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Autumn 2018

Autumn is here – Holly House

IT’S ABSOLUTLEY AUTUMN!!  Autumn time is on it’s way, on it’s way for us to play…. gathering leaves, see them fall….. There are so many beautiful colours after all!! Today the boys and girls explored the outside world, talking about the leaves changing colour, all the different sizes and textures of them, and how the […]

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Space Race

Holly House Space Race

Holly House Space Race FIVE….FOUR….THREE…..TWO…..ONE…….BLAST OFFFFFFFFFF!! The Holly House Space Race was on! And what a BLAST the Holly House Pre-school Children had at the Armagh Planetarium! This was where we all learned about the solar system. Firstly they were given a theatre introduction to the Planets around us, learning about the smallest planet and […]

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Police Visit at Holly House

Police Visit to Holly House Last Tuesday, we had a Police Visit to have a chat with us about road safety, stranger danger. The main message to the children was how Police men and women are always here to help if we ever need it. This was to link in with our ‘People who help […]

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