About Us

Flexible, Friendly Day Care in Belfast & NI

Nursery Worker reading to a childWorking in partnership with parents means that we are flexible to the individual needs of parents and children, so we offer full-time and part-time childcare.

We are patient and understanding when a child is settling into nursery and will work with parents to ensure each child is happy and content during this transition from home to nursery. Parents are invited to various nursery events throughout the year and we will encourage you to be involved in your child’s social and emotional development in nursery.

About Clear Day Nurseries

  • We have six nurseries; Belfast, Dundonald, Portadown, NewtownabbeyLurgan & Bangor.
  • Expert care by fully trained staff, who are vetted by social services
  • Each nursery is fully equipped to meet the needs of inquisitive children
  • Activities to suit each age group ensures educational, physical and social development
  • Outdoor play is encouraged with a wide range of equipment and activities
  • Pre-school children enjoy trips to various places of interest throughout the year
  • Fees are payable monthly in advance, preferably by direct debit
  • Childcare vouchers are accepted as part or full payment

All nurseries closed on the following dates:

  • 25th & 26th December
1st January
  • Easter Monday & Tuesday
  • May Day
  • 12th & 13th July

Opening times: 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday

How to arrange a pre-enrolment visit

Initial enquiries may be made by phone or by using our contact form, to make an appointment for you to view the nursery. This ensures that  you will be given time to view the nursery at length and ask any questions. Your appointment will also coincide with activities in which the children will be involved in during the day. An application form may be submitted to the nursery on the day and we will ask for a deposit to secure your child’s place.

It is our policy to make our nursery accessible to all children and families from all sections of the community. We aim to provide a high quality, efficient and accessible service to parents and children. We welcome children from all religious and social groups, and we will always try to be flexible to accommodate the needs of parents and children.
We value our relationship with parents and are committed to working in partnership to provide top quality care so that the children feel safe and happy in the absence of parents. A settling-in period is encouraged before a child starts nursery full-time.